Back in 2013 we had the magnificent idea to purchase our first 3D printer. We never looked back.

After many issues and tinkering about with it we finally got there. At the start though, this was just another hobby and one

which we got frustrated at many times, but eventually we overcame these problems and it is now a great hobby and a fun

business tool.

It wasn't long before we started our own Facebook page as a gallery for our personal layout, and the more accesories we added

the more questions we would get asked from people "where did you get that from and who can i buy them off of" were a very

common sight in the comments of our posts. It was around this time we realised there might just be a little space in the market

for us.

So John Jnr, the 3D printing guy, took his drive for 3D design and printing 

and began designing items that we could sell to the people on

Facebook pages, and he has now developed great ideas and people are asking us

to make items for them that we never thought we'd make ourselves.

George, the Decal Wizard, began working on the graphics for the layout items and looked into putting

decals onto tractor units and trailers. A lot of our Facebook followers are now requesting for decals

and Code 3 work for their models, and people

are more than happy with the quality that they are getting.

John Snr, who has the over 25 years of experience with layout's and over 4 years Code 3 work.

He fits lights to the models for customers and our ebay specials,

he does any of the code 3 work that can be seen on any of the special items and

most of all he comes up with the ideas and inspired us to get into all of this in the first place.

He is the glue that holds the business together and the drive that pushes it all forward.


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phone us on: 07754898640.

business hours are usually between 9am and 5pm.

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