Brown Bros Van

This 1.43 transit was transformed by us into a replica of the Brown Brother's printers van. with a double tier plinth with blue chrome and colour hue accent it is a perfect fit for their business, plus with the double skinned top layer the model could still be protected by the manufacturer's top case

Chris Good Haulage

A pair of Scale representations of the first 2 registered New shape Scanias in the UK made with special plinths just for these trucks, the shaped double tier plinths Showcasing the trucks and the blue mirror chrome showing the trucks to their true potential.

Cambo's stock car

More tearing down than building up for this model as we did a replica of a banger stock car for Cambo. With the removal of the windscreen and many other features to make this stripped out corsa true to life with a custom livery for the plinth. Complete with paint on the tires and his number on the roof this banger is ready to roll.

Lee Atkins removals

The Lee Atkins Removals truck was somewhat of a challenge with it's 3D printed rear body made to fit over an existing model which had to be pain matched with the real thing. With some decal work and a custom plinth commemorating Lee's birthday the model was finished and the recipient made very happy.

Bacton Raffle Mercedes

This model was a special one made for Bacton transport to raffle for charity at the festival of wheels 2019. Our decal guy (George) took some artistic liberty with the design much to the directors delight. The model truly spoke for itself raising a massive £18,641 for Bacton transport's chosen charity.

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