Here we have our newly designed 3D printed Palisade Security Fence and Gates.
They are very similar to the shorter version, except one length of fence does one length of feet. The pack includes: 5x sections of fence, each measuring approx. 257mm long;The gates (2 large) are approx. 5mm long; The single (small) gate is approx. 1.5mm long.
Once all together it will be approx. 1450mm long, and can be trimmed with side cutters if required. Also the fence has a slight flexibility to it so it can go round the lightest radius curve that Hornby do. You can also use UHU glue in order to glue the fence down. As seen in the pictures I am just using blue-tack, but if I were placing it down I would use glue. The gates come with a post that will require a 2mm hole if you want to pose it open/closed or you can cut the base off the pole and glue them in the desired position.
...Pack Contents...
5x fence sections 275mm long, 2mm thick & 2.5mm high
2x large gates each 5mm long, 2mm thick & 2.5mm high
1x side gate 1.5mm long, 2mm thick & 2.5mm high
12 decal signs, 4x "Mad Dog" security, 4x "Keep out, Private Property", 4x "Smile you are on camera"
Each pack will make up a length of 1450mm long.

1/76 Grey Palisade Fence & Gates (3x gates, 5x 257mm long fence)

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