A selection of Javis fencing that will compliment any layout or diorama perfectly, helping bring any scene to life.

choose from following in the drop down menu above:

  • "OO" Concrete fencing
  • "OO" Old weathered fencing with foliage
  • "OO" Rough country fencing
  • "OO" Rough country fencing with gate
  • "OO" Rough farm gate
  • "OO" Sleeper fencing (Dark brown)
  • "OO" Wire mesh fencing
  • "OO" Roadside drystone walling
  • "OO" Mesh fencing
  • "OO" Coiled barbed wire
  • "OO" Damaged sleeper fencing (Light brown)
  • "OO" Old Damaged Roadside Walling 
  • "OO" Gauge Urban Walling

00 Gauge Javis Fencing/Walling

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