About the Ferrari 312T3

The sleek and powerful Ferrari 312T3 made its racing debut in the 1978 South African Grand Prix. Underneath it's aerodynamically polished, wide body lay a 3-liter horizontally installed 12 cylinder engine with 510 horsepower of output. With drivers Carlos Reutemann and Gilles Villeneuve at the wheel, the Ferrari 312T3 took a total of 4 victories for the Grand Prix season and took second place in the 1978 Constructors Cup.

Light-weight, no nonsense chassis

Chassis employs FRP half double-deck F103 chassis. Front independent kingpin coil suspension coupled with rear FRP rigid coil spring suspension. Kit comes standard with high-efficiency ball differential gears. Super-durable resin body and a spare transparent body are included with kit.

Basic Specification

  • Overall length: 447mm
  • Overall width: 201mm
  • Overall height: 105mm
  • Clearance: 7mm
  • Weight fully equipped: 1,210g (Measurement includes TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit and 1700MP Battery.)
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Tread F/R: 170/155mm
  • Chassis material: FRP
  • Chassis shape: Half double deck frame
  • Steering tie rod: 2 part, same length
  • Suspension: Front and rear double wishbone
  • Caster angle-F/R: 6deg/0deg
  • Camber angle-F/R: 0deg/0deg
  • Toe angle-F/R: adjustable/0deg
  • Damper F/R: None/Adjustable friction damper
  • Transmission Type: Side winder direct drive
  • Gear ratio: 3.7:1
  • Diff. gear system: Rear ball diff.
  • Recommended speed controller: Electronic speed controller
  • Front tire width/diameter: 30mm/56mm
  • Rear tire width/diameter: 45mm/58mm
  • Tread pattern: F/R Slicks
  • Tire material: F/R both fiber mold type A
  • Motor: RS- Type 540

Tamiya RC Ferrari 312T3 (F104W)

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